Telematics, Insurance and the Houston Fleet Industry

Telematics devices comprise some of the hottest new technologies on the market today. These advanced systems can provide added safety and practical help for drivers on the road. Telematics can make Houston fleet management easier and more cost-effective for transportation companies and could even reduce the cost of insurance for fleet vehicles. Here are some facts every driver should know about the rising trend toward telematics for fleet and personal vehicles.

Collecting Information With Telematics Devices

Along with basic data on the miles driven, the locations to which drivers travel and the time needed to reach their destinations, telematics devices can also collect information on the safety with which drivers operate their vehicles on the road for better Houston fleet management. This collection of information can be used by insurance companies to evaluate driver behaviors and habits. Insurers may opt to raise rates for consistently unsafe drivers or to offer discounts for those who practice safe driving habits on the road.

Maintaining Improved Oversight

Telematics can also provide valuable information to Houston fleet maintenance and management companies. By identifying the speed and location of their drivers, these companies can identify stand-out performers and reward them accordingly. Fleet drivers who consistently lag behind their colleagues or who drive unsafely can be weeded out, allowing companies to make the most effective use of their available resources. Installing advanced telematics systems can even allow some companies to reduce the overall cost of insuring their fleet vehicles.

Increasing Safety for Telematics Participants

According to a survey performed by the Insurance Research Council, 56 percent of drivers who have telematics systems installed in their primary vehicles report making changes in the way they drive. The most commonly reported changes made by these drivers are increased adherence to posted speed limits and maintaining a minimum safe following distance from other vehicles on the road. It is expected that fleet drivers with telematics devices installed in their vehicles would report similar improved driver safety results. By making these drivers more aware of their behaviors behind the wheel, telematics can help your employees to focus on best practices and to promote greater safety on Texas streets and highways.

The commercial vehicle leasing experts at Glesby Marks can provide information about the most advanced telematics options available. These advanced monitoring systems can help your drivers maintain safer behaviors while providing you with valuable insights into overall productivity and performance on the road. Our team can also deliver professional help for managing fuel costs, maintaining your fleet and upfitting your existing vehicles for even greater functionality on the road. Call us today at 1-800-482-9498 to schedule a consultation with us. At Glesby Marks, we take pride in being the right choice for your fleet.

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