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    Azuga Fleet GPS and Tracking Software

    Fleet Management Software

    Enhance fleet-wide driver visibility, accountability & safety.

    Location, stops, idle time and more—Azuga Fleet makes it easy to track drivers on the job. You can monitor and curb wasteful habits such as excessive idling, heavy acceleration, and hard braking, and set custom geofences to keep deliveries on track. When payday arrives, you’ll know you’re paying the right amount for the right work.

    Put your drivers in the fast lane to success.

    Instead of costly training programs, Azuga provides real-time coaching of drivers via in-vehicle notifications and personalized Azuga Coach training videos. You can ensure your drivers are aware of problematic driving habits that they may need to correct.
    Improve safety with fleet management and tracking software

    Improve driver safety and reduce accident claims

    Azuga is committed to supporting a “safety first” environment for drivers. The Fleet Safety Management Platform reduces risky driving behavior while rewarding drivers.

    Target Dangers at the Source

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    improve fleet management with dash cams

    70% of accidents are not the fault of your drivers. Dashcam video proves it.

    Be prepared for anything that comes your way with ai-based smart detection software and the accuracy of our the dual-facing dashcam. The all new smart dashcam captures both front-facing road events and in-cab driver behavior, giving you a clear picture of what’s happening on the road when it matters most. Protect your drivers, and your business, with the ability to exonerate yourself when the driver is not at fault.

    Take Advantage of DashCam Technology

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    Protect your fleet management assets

    Asset Tracking

    Protect your high-value equipment and trailers with an asset tracking system.

    See where your equipment is and where your workers are with the real-time asset tracking dashboard making it easy to schedule asset delivery, pick up, and maintenance with greater efficiency. And with built-in tools such as geofencing, you’ll know exactly when an asset leaves its designated area.

    Take Full Advantage of Your Assets

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    FleetMobile helps you with fleet managment

    FleetMobile keeps your fleet rolling efficiently

    Run your business from anywhere with Fleet Mobile: The Top Fleet Tracking App

    Included with your Azuga Fleet subscription, Fleet Mobile keeps your fleet rolling safely mile after mile. Separate views for administrators and drivers ensures your entire team can work more efficiently, wherever they go. With the Azuga Driver Scoring model you can quickly assess which drivers are doing well and implement reward programs for improved driver engagement. Conversely, you can identify your most at-risk drivers and help them improve through customized training and gamification.