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Fleet Maintenance Services Made SimpleFleet Management - Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your fleet vehicles in optimal condition will reduce the risks and expenses associated with breakdowns while extending the useful life of your vehicles. We provide real support in managing the recommended and preventative maintenance schedules for your fleet vehicles and a full range of fleet management solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.

We offer two fleet maintenance solutions designed to make it easier and more convenient to deal with these maintenance requirements while managing your company’s existing schedule of appointments and activities.

The Importance of Recommended Maintenance for Your Fleet

The Glesby Marks fleet management services team will provide on-time reminders regarding maintenance requirements and scheduled appointments. Regular maintenance can provide:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Increased value at the time of resale
  • Reduced incidence of breakdowns
  • Longer life for each vehicle
  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • No Wear & Tear Clauses
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Management Fees

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