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Additional equipment leasing options beyond vehicles

Companies typically require heavy equipment leasing because it offers several advantages over other types of financing. This includes stable cash flow, balance sheet management, immediate write-downs, flexible payment terms, simple upgrades, customizable end of term options, as well as quick processing time. Moreover, many fleet management companies do not lease machinery, so companies often must find a second company to provide leasing. At Glesby Marks we recognize the benefit of providing our customers with a single source for both their vehicle and equipment needs.

Leasing equipment will allow your business to conserve capital, preserve your cash flow and finance virtually 100% of the cost of your construction equipment or business machinery.

We offer up to 60 lease options with fixed rates on new or used equipment. Equipment leasing row of shovel excavators


  • Reduced upfront costs
  • Capital and operating lease options
  • No down payments
  • Fixed rate payments
  • Conserves working capital
  • New and used equipment

Our custom commercial vehicle leasing solutions help your fleet do more without sacrificing your cash flow. We have been providing superior leasing and management options to fleet owners for over 40 years. Our team can help you develop a personalized approach to your fleet’s needs. Call us today at (800) 482-9498 to talk to one of our experts. We are here to serve you!

  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • No Wear & Tear Clauses
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Management Fees

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