Fleet Solutions & Management | License & Title

The extras that set Glesby Marks apart

Glesby Marks understands how critical up-to-date vehicle licensing and registration is to any business with a fleet and oftentimes how frustrating it can be to manage. With constantly changing rules and regulations, often monthly, licensing and title registration can become a challenge for a customer.

We have created a process that begins 45-60 days in advance and work on your behalf in the following areas:

  • Renewals
  • In-State Registration
  • Title Transfers
  • Initial Vehicle Registration
  • Interstate Reregistration
  • Replacement Plates
  • Replacement Registration
  • Relicensing and Retitling Services

In addition to the above services, Glesby Marks will keep you informed on VIN and emissions inspection requirements unique to your state.


  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • No Wear & Tear Clauses
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Management Fees

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