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The Glesby Marks Story: Celebrating More Than 40 Years of Success

Established in Houston, Texas in 1976, Glesby Marks Leasing is a national, independent vehicle and equipment leasing company.

More than 40 years ago, Glesby Marks’ founding fathers each brought with them highly successful careers when they decided to launch a new company.  Both Morris Glesby and Gerald Rauch began in the oilfield pipe supply industry and added ventures in oil and gas, chemical and petroleum storage, pipelines, real estate and cold storage warehousing.  Jay Marks worked in the automotive arena, eventually owning a number of dealerships.

As entrepreneurs and businessmen, they recognized very early that there was a growing need for fleet financing that was not being served by the banking industry.  They launched their first leasing company in 1958 which they sold in 1972. In 1976 they formed Glesby Marks Leasing and focused primarily on servicing the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry in Texas and Louisiana.   Over the years their vision led them to expand and evolve the business into a full-service fleet management company that provides comprehensive maintenance, fuel and re-marketing programs to businesses from coast to coast.  As original members of the American Automotive Leasing Association (AALA), both Morris Glesby and Jay Marks were instrumental in helping to establish the foundation of what has become today’s multi-billion dollar industry that provides vehicle fleet and maintenance services to the business community throughout the United States.


  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • No Wear & Tear Clauses
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Management Fees

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