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Increase income as part of your Seattle fleet management program by using blank space on vehicles for advertising.

A major part of Seattle fleet management is finding new ways to increase your company’s profits. A great way you can do this is with fleet vehicle advertising. Essentially, this is adding graphics to your fleet vehicles. On-vehicle advertising allows you to market your own brand, or earn extra income by selling ad space on your vehicles to other businesses. Learn more about advertising programs and Seattle fleet management and how you can use this profitable strategy for our fleet.

Benefits of On-Vehicle Advertising As Part of Your Seattle Fleet Management Program

Why implement an advertising program for Seattle fleet management? Approximately 91% of surveyed drivers say that they notice and remember ads displayed on fleet vehicles. Therefore, it is an effective marketing tool, especially compared to other forms of advertising like television or radio. Graphics on commercial vehicles can get about 10 million impressions annually.

This cost-effective advertising option allows you to build your brand as part of your Seattle fleet management program. Wraps for your fleet vehicles are a cost-effective tool for advertising your company. Unadvertised areas on your fleet vehicles are essentially wasted space that you could be using to your advantage. Additionally, on-vehicle advertising helps your fleet build trust with consumers, especially if you’re involved with final-mile delivery.

Not sure that on-vehicle advertising will be useful for your own brand? Instead, you can sell space on your vehicles for other businesses to advertise on. Part of Seattle fleet management is ensuring that your operations are as cost-effective and profitable as possible. Every vehicle in your fleet could be earning extra income just by selling advertising space to other companies. Therefore, it’s just one more opportunity for you to help your bottom line with your fleet vehicles.

Fleet Vehicle Advertising Tips

So, how do you get started with fleet vehicle marketing? Your Seattle fleet leasing specialists have relationships with many vendors to help you upfit your vehicles. They can often help you find the graphics pros you need for your fleet vehicles.

Additionally, once your fleet vehicle graphics are on, you also need to keep them looking good. Make sure you keep your fleet vehicles clean and wash them regularly. Also, parking in the shade can help keep your fleet’s graphics from fading. This will help them stay looking good as long as possible. Even the most attractive fleet vehicle advertising graphics will look bad with faded ink or if your fleet is dirty. Therefore, you may even want to do regular inspections of the vehicle wraps as part of your inspection procedures.

At Glesby Marks, we are the industry leading Seattle commercial vehicle leasing and management company. Our professionals help with everything your fleet needs, from upfitting your vehicles to remarketing them when it’s time to decommission fleet vehicles. We are the right choice for your fleet because we work with you to ensure your company has everything it needs for success. Call us today at (800) 482-9498 to learn more about our services and talk to one of our transportation and logistics specialists. We are here to serve you.

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