Denver Fleet Management Tips for Fuel Savings

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With the right Denver fleet management strategies, you can cut fuel costs for your fleet.

Are you looking to save on fuel costs as part of your Denver fleet management program? There are many ways to do this. Working on your fuel efficiency not only helps the environment, it also helps your bottom line. Therefore, consider taking a hard look at your fuel costs and Denver fleet management policies around fuel consumption.

Address Fuel Economy With Your Denver Fleet Management Policies

In many cases, updating your Denver fleet management policies will help save your fleet in fuel costs. Taking a proactive approach to fleet fuel efficiency starts with your policies. For example, fleet driver training and route improvement go a long way in saving your fleet money.

Training Drivers

Many fleets consume a lot of fuel because of driver behavior. Therefore, ensure that you train your drivers properly. Your Denver fleet management program should address fuel efficiency with those that drive your fleet vehicles every day. Therefore, ensure your fleet personnel understand driving behaviors that hurt fuel efficiency. For example, speeding, frequent shifting, hard braking, and aggressive acceleration can all throttle your fleet’s fuel efficiency.

For continued training, many fleets use telematic systems to provide driving feedback. Fleet managers should review driving data regularly and provide extra training for drivers whose behavior could affect fuel economy. Additionally, some systems can even provide real-time notifications to your drivers, such as warnings when they brake hard or shift improperly. This is a great way to encourage good driving behaviors.

Optimize Your Routes as Part of Your Denver Fleet Management Program

Another issue that many fleets face when trying to reduce fuel costs is that the routes they use aren’t ideal. Therefore, optimize your routes for fuel-efficient fleet management.  This helps fuel efficiency in a few different ways. First, it can reduce the miles your fleet drives. Additionally, it can reduce the amount of time your drivers spend in traffic or idling.

Common Maintenance Issues that Could Reduce Your Fleet’s Fuel Efficiency

Every Denver fleet management program should include regular preventative maintenance. However, if your maintenance program has become a little lax, it could be affecting your fleet’s fuel consumption. Also, be sure to look out for small issues that are easy to overlook, such as:

  • Gas caps: Loose, broken, or missing gas caps allow fuel to vaporize as your fleet drives. In fact, it can reduce your fuel efficiency by up to two miles per gallon for each fleet vehicle.
  • Tire pressure: Under-inflated tires are a common reason for poor fleet fuel efficiency. Ensure your drivers check tire pressure before driving.
  • Air filters: Dirty air filters choke your Denver fleet leasing vehicles of air and make your engines use more fuel.

As part of your Denver commercial vehicle leasing program, your fleet leasing company works with you to ensure it’s easy and convenient to maintain your fleet vehicles. Therefore, you can ensure your vehicles receive the maintenance they need to reduce fuel costs.

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