Fleet Management Tips for Winter Preparation

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Fleet management tools and reporting help you winterize your fleet.

You can prepare your fleet for winter using the right fleet management tools. Fleet management services help you stay on top of recommended maintenance. This, plus taking extra precautions during seasonal changes, can help you extend the service life of your vehicles and prevent down time. Keep your fleet safe and productive and reduce repair costs with these winter tips.

Winter Fleet Management for Fuel Economy and Costs

Many fleets notice a decrease in fleet fuel economy during the winter. With Houston fleet management tools like real-time fuel monitoring and expenditure reports, you’ll be able to easily tell if something is off. However, one way to prevent this from happening is to use winterized fuel. This keeps fuel costs low and also helps increase fuel economy for your fleet.

Additionally, make sure your fleet vehicles never have less than half of a tank of gas as part of your fleet management program. When this happens, water vapor can build up in the gas tanks. Once cool temperatures come along, this vapor can freeze and cause issues when starting the engines. Therefore, be sure to take care to monitor your fleet’s fuel levels closely during the cooler months.

Winter Inspection Checklist

In addition to regular service based on your fleet management maintenance program, there are a few other things you’ll need to do during winter. Winter fleet inspections on certain components can help prevent issues and repairs.

Cold temperatures can also affect tire pressure. Low tire pressure can increase your fuel consumption, wear out tires faster, and also increase the risk of tread separation and tire blow outs. Therefore, ensure you inspect tire pressure on your fleet vehicles several times a month, if not each day, during the winter.

In addition, you should also check the windshield wipers and heat functions on your fleet vehicles more frequently during the winter. Windshield wipers seem like a small detail until your drivers try to use them in poor weather. They can be lifesaving and prevent crashes from poor visibility. Therefore, ensure you check them frequently and replace them as needed for added safety. Also, the heat and defrost functions also play an important role in visibility and fleet driver comfort. Defrosters help prevent foggy windows that prevent your drivers from seeing properly. The heat function is also important to keep your drivers comfortable in cold temperatures so they can focus their attention on driving. Therefore, with a few extra steps, you can help ensure your fleet’s success during the winter.

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