Commercial Vehicle Leasing: Choosing the Right Vehicles

Parked vehicles for commercial vehicle leasing

The vehicles you choose has a big impact on commercial vehicle leasing and performance.

Your fleet depends on vehicles to get the job done, whatever your operations. Therefore, it’s critical to choose the correct vehicles for commercial vehicle leasing. This sets your fleet up for success. Vehicle selection can be difficult for many fleets, but this blog will guide you through some of the things that can help you make a decision. 

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How to Choose the Right Vehicles for Commercial Vehicle Leasing

There are endless options on vehicles for commercial vehicle leasing. Therefore, this sets fleet owners up for a huge decision involving a lot of research. This is key for ensuring that the vehicles fit your needs and standards. Here are some things to consider when choosing fleet vehicles:

  • Use: What are you using your vehicles for? Delivering products? Transporting passengers? Storing tools for mobile services? You already know this, but take some time to really think about what’s most important for the use of your vehicles. For instance, if you’re transporting passengers, then number of seats and comfort are probably high on the list, while delivering products or packages makes cargo space a priority. 
  • Terrain: What kind of conditions will your drivers encounter? For instance, if they will regularly drive through snow and ice, you may put four wheel drive at the top of the priority list.
  • Safety: What safety features are most important to you? Make those a priority when looking at fleet leasing options. Anything that keeps your drivers and vehicles safe on the road is important. 
  • Maintenance Needs: Different vehicle models have different maintenance schedules and needs. Researching the recommended maintenance helps you get an idea of what exactly the vehicles will need. 
  • Employee Opinions: Wondering what features will make your drivers’ jobs easier and more efficient? The best source is to ask your employees! Get their opinions on features that matter most to them. 
  • Competitor Intel: What are your competitors using? You don’t necessarily want to do everything they do, but if you notice that most of your competitors use cargo vans, you might want to as well.  

Benefits of Fleet Leasing

There are many reasons to consider commercial vehicle leasing rather than purchasing your business vehicles outright. If you’re not sure which vehicles you need, consider talking to commercial vehicle leasing specialists. They will have deep knowledge on different models that may fit your needs. 

In addition to the extra support, leasing allows you to use the vehicles for a shorter period of time. This is perfect if you’re not sure whether a particular model is right or not. That way, you lease them for a set period of time and then can return them if you’d rather go with a different type of vehicle. 

Another bonus of choosing fleet leasing instead of vehicle purchase is the lower up front costs. With purchasing, you tie up a lot of capital and cash flow into buying the vehicles. With leasing, you pay a low monthly fee to lease the vehicles. 

Fleet Solutions from Glesby Marks

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