Fleet Management & Driver Retention

Happy fleet driver because of fleet management solutions.

Fleet management can improve your drivers’ experiences.

Unfortunately, fleets all over the nation are experiencing serious issues with driver turnover. With the driver shortage, which is only expected to get worse, driver retention is critical for your operations. There are many ways to tackle this problem, but fleet management can be a step in the right direction for keeping your good drivers happy to stay on. Let’s talk about fleet management and driver retention. 

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How Fleet Management Can Help Boost Driver Retention

Fleet management encompasses many different aspects of operating your fleet. While many focus on how it saves the business money on equipment, fuel, and downtime, it’s also important to note that it can also create a better experience for your drivers. This is important, as high turnover rates increase costs and can lead to unnecessary downtime. 

Remember, driver retention isn’t just about offering competitive pay. Drivers also want to ensure that they have good working conditions, like convenient tasks, safety, ample time off, among other things. Management tools for fleets can help with many of these policies so you can show your drivers you care. 

Fleet Management Tools Can Make Tasks More Convenient

There are many digital tools fleets use that can make processes simpler and more convenient for drivers. For instance, digital logbooks and task lists for things like pre-trip inspections. Ensuring that these small tasks like paperwork are simple to complete is a great way to provide your fleet drivers with a better experience overall. After all, no one really likes paperwork. 

Fleet Leasing and Maintenance Help Keep Equipment Safe

Increasing driver retention also relies on making sure your equipment is in good shape and safe. Drivers want to know that their safety and comfort are a priority, or they may go work for a competitor or get out of the driving game altogether.

A few ways you can improve driver safety include:

  1. Using fleet leasing to get newer cars with more advanced safety features
  2. Ensuring your management program includes robust, proactive maintenance for reliable equipment
  3. Installing safety equipment so you can identify and train unsafe driving behaviors quickly

Fleet Tools Can Encourage Better Working Conditions

There are several other management tools that you can use to improve working conditions for your fleet drivers. For instance, better route planning can improve hours management. This helps drivers feel like their time is respected and allows them to spend more time with their families, which is huge for driver retention. 

Also, ensuring good communication helps them avoid many of the stressors and frustrations they might experience daily. Good communication is key to happy employees so they know what to expect and also know that you care about their wellbeing. Ensuring you have well-established and real-time communication solutions can help with this issue.

Get Management and Leasing Solutions for Your Fleet from Glesby Marks

When you need fleet leasing and management solutions, choose our team at Glesby Marks. We offer years of experience assisting fleets with all their needs, from providing them with fleet vehicles to assisting with daily management for cost savings, safety, and driver retention. We operate nationally, so whether you need Portland fleet management or Houston fleet leasing, our team is here for you. Call us now at (800) 482-9498 to discuss your fleet’s needs with our experts.

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