Saving Time and Effort When Performing Required Fleet Vehicle Inspections

Scheduling regular vehicle inspections should be part of your regular fleet maintenance plan. These inspections can sometimes be time-consuming, however, and require careful tracking and monitoring to ensure that all vehicles are included in this process. Finding ways to streamline the inspection and maintenance process can boost productivity among your drivers and increase profitability for your company. Here are some of the most helpful hints on enhancing the efficiency of your inspection processes.

Create a System

By establishing a basic system for performing inspections before and after each trip, you can ensure that all essential elements are covered every time your drivers get behind the wheel. Creating a customized Portland fleet maintenance checklist for each type of vehicle your company uses can allow less experienced drivers to acclimate to the inspection system and can ensure a uniform approach to the process throughout your company.

Establish Procedures

Providing a checklist of necessary inspections is a good starting place for your Seattle fleet maintenance program. Making sure vehicle inspections are performed in a consistent manner and using the same techniques throughout your organization can help you to ensure the safest and most practical approach to these maintenance tasks. Offering detailed instructions for new and experienced drivers alike can help you manage your inspection requirements more easily.

Connect Electronically

Allowing your drivers to complete their inspection forms online and transmit them directly to your company can allow you to track these reports more easily and to ensure the proper procedures were followed during the inspection process. This can speed up scheduling for routine and emergency maintenance while allowing your company to manage paperwork more efficiently.

Enlist the Help of Fleet Management Experts

Companies that offer comprehensive fleet management services can provide added help for recording vehicle inspections, scheduling maintenance and tracking the performance of your drivers on the road. By working with a company with proven experience in this fast-paced field, your transportation department can enjoy the benefits of advanced technologies without a large upfront investment and a steep learning curve. By outsourcing your fleet management scheduling and inspection monitoring tasks to a company that specializes in these activities, you can reduce the workload of your staff members while ensuring that your inspections are performed correctly and in a timely fashion.

At Glesby Marks, we take pride in our comprehensive array of fleet management solutions and our commitment to customer service. We work hard to be the right choice for your fleet whether you manage 10 trucks or 1,000 vehicles. Call our offices today at 1-800-482-9498 to discuss your needs with our fleet management team. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your company.

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