Over-the-Air Update Technologies for the U.S. Trucking Industry

Technological advances have had a significant impact on the trucking industry. The development of over-the-air technology could soon change the way companies manage their Houston fleet maintenance and management tasks. By using some of the same advanced tools currently in place in smartphones and other mobile technologies and adapting them for the unique needs of the transportation industry, these new developments could streamline and enhance the experience for Houston fleet management professionals and drivers on our roads and highways.

What Is Over-the-Air Technology?

Modern trucks are designed with an extensive array of sensors, devices and computerized systems designed to provide drivers with added information and to promote greater safety on the road. These computer systems require regular updates to continue to work properly. Currently, most trucks require a trip to the maintenance shop to receive updates to modules, systems and sensors. Over-the-air technologies will allow core electronic control units to receive updates wirelessly from the system manufacturer.

Offering the Same Convenience as Your Smartphone

The technologies used to provide over-the-air capabilities for trucks are already familiar to most smartphone users. The ability to receive updates to devices as they become available and to download them through a wireless connection has made it easy to keep mobile devices up to date. By applying these technologies to the computer systems and sensors that monitor speed, vehicle condition and overall performance for big rigs and delivery trucks, it may be possible to enhance the safety and productivity of drivers on the road. These automatic updates may also reduce the cost and downtime associated with maintaining trucks, which could boost profitability for companies that implement these new technologies as they become available.

Creating Safer Driving Conditions

Over-the-air updates for truck systems can ensure that these large vehicles are as safe as possible on public streets and highways. While these technologies are not available for most trucks at this time, industry authorities expect that over-the-air updating will be an added feature for most newer trucks in the next few years. This could significantly increase the overall safety of drivers on the road by ensuring that all safety systems are updated appropriately and in a timely way.

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