Key Benefits of Mobile Technologies for Houston Fleet Management

Mobile technologies have had an amazing impact on the way information is gathered and shared by consumers and businesses in the modern world. GPS systems are especially useful in the Houston fleet management industry. These advanced tracking and monitoring devices can provide real advantages for your company in the competitive market. Here are some of the most important benefits of mobile technologies in the field of fleet management.

Increased Productivity

Delivery drivers can use mobile devices to scan their packages or cargo quickly and efficiently. This can cut down on necessary paperwork and can speed the process to increase productivity across your organization. By tracking the progress of your drivers remotely, you can also maintain greater control over workflows and can identify top performers in your shipping and delivery operation.

Improved Routing

GPS technologies can also provide up-to-date information on the most direct routes to a variety of locations. By providing your drivers with advanced mapping systems, you can achieve faster delivery times for all your most critical shipments. This can allow you to avoid delays due to traffic, road construction and other obstacles in the Houston metropolitan area. The added efficiency made possible by mobile mapping systems can result in lower fuel costs, allowing your company to enjoy greater profitability in the competitive marketplace.

Enhanced Customer Service

Knowing where your drivers are at all times can allow you to provide accurate information regarding delivery times for your customers. This can enhance your company’s reputation among current and prospective clients and can allow you to deliver the best possible customer service within your industry.

Reduced Administrative Costs

The automated information collection made possible by modern mobile technologies can streamline administrative tasks to lessen the workloads of your in-house staff. By entrusting your fleet management activities to a reliable and reputable firm, you can free up staff time to deal with other mission-critical tasks within your organization.

Increased Safety

GPS systems can also provide you with detailed information on vehicle speeds and driver habits that can help you enforce safety regulations within your company. The monitoring features available through modern fleet management systems can in themselves serve as a deterrent for speeding and unsafe driving practices, allowing you to reduce the risk of accidents on Texas streets and highways.

On-Time Maintenance

Modern fleet management tools offer a wide range of tracking and scheduling functions for your operation. These features can provide you with reminders for upcoming maintenance requirements and appointments, allowing you to make accommodations for vehicle downtime. Regular maintenance can keep your fleet in tip-top condition and can ensure the greatest longevity for these vehicles, allowing you to save money on replacement and repair costs over the long run.

Lower Costs for Insurance

In some cases, investing in mobile fleet management tools and GPS tracking can allow you to achieve discounts on your insurance costs. Onboard GPS systems can provide added protection against theft and have been shown to increase the safety of drivers on the road. The reduced level of risk associated with GPS tracking can encourage insurers to reduce rates for companies that implement these systems as part of their regular workflows.

The fleet management experts at Glesby Marks can provide your company with a range of services designed to suit your specific set of needs. From Houston heavy equipment leasing arrangements to innovative fleet management tools, we deliver the best selection of high-tech solutions for transportation and delivery firms in our area. Glesby Marks offers integrated telematics systems that work with your GPS equipment to ensure the fastest and most accurate information on all your vehicles. Call us today at 800-482-9498 to learn more about our array of mobile technologies and how they can help you achieve your goals in the Houston transportation marketplace.


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