Glesby Marks Goes Above and Beyond

At Glesby Marks, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients. Recently, one of our customers received delivery of a truck and realized they had forgotten to order a spray-in bedliner.  After the customer made us aware of the dilemma, we promptly picked up the truck from them, had the bedliner installed, took the truck to the dealer to have a minor repair completed, and finally delivered the truck back to the customer––all within a day. This allowed the client’s driver to quickly load up the truck for his day-to-day use and get to work without wasting any time waiting for the bedliner to be installed. Situations like these may not seem like a big deal, but our customer was very appreciative of the fast and thorough resolution. We will do everything we can to make your business run smoothly by taking care of all fleet issues as quickly as possible.

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