Fuel Management Tips for Your Houston Fleet

fueling up Houston fleet vehicle

Improve fleet management for your Houston business by tracking and optimizing your fuel usage.

Fleet management has many factors and components that go into the entire process. Fleet management, including controlling fuel costs, is crucial to many businesses in the city of Houston. 

At Glesby Marks, our main focus and priorities are fleet maintenance, fleet gas management, and fleet leasing solutions. Each of these components is crucial for successful fleet management and, most importantly, prosperous operation. 

Exclusive Fuel Management System for Houston Fleets

We offer an exclusive system for our fuel management by partnering with Voyager®, a real time web-based fuel and maintenance program that will help your company control costs by monitoring and analyzing fuel purchases. I

Businesses may not even realize the number of miles their vehicle operators drive daily. On average, a truck driver will drive around 125,000 miles per year or about 2,500 miles per week. These numbers are significantly higher than non-truck drivers or average people who drive just over 14,000 miles a year.

As you can imagine, those miles use hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of gas a year. At Glesby Marks, one of our key goals is to help you reduce the amount of fuel you use every day through contiuous monitoring and reporting.

Vehicle Maintenance is Key to Managing Fuel Efficiency

To begin with, vehicle maintenance is one of the first things that aids in fuel management in your fleet. Maintaining the vehicles in your Houston fleet is vital for numerous reasons, but the fuel management component is crucial to the smooth operation of your fleet management. Fuel management and vehicle maintenance go hand in hand. Did you know that regularly maintained vehicles in your fleet can improve fuel economy by up to 10%? That is a drastic amount and can save you abundant fuel for your fleet. 

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, there are three vital components and steps you need to take to ensure your fleet continues to run smoothly and save on gas. The first step is to ensure proper tire inflation of the vehicles in your fleet. Many people do not know, but if you keep your tires properly inflated, you can improve your gas mileage by 0.6% on average and up to 3%.

The next element of fuel management is using the right and recommended fuel for your vehicles. By doing this, you can improve fuel economy by 1% to 2%. The third option is to keep up with regular engine maintenance. Keeping up with regular engine maintenance is essential to the fuel management of your fleet. Forgetting or completely ignoring fixing one that failed an emissions test can increase fuel economy by an average of 4%

Optimizing the Management of Your Houston Fleet

All in all, there are many things that can be done to reduce the amount of fuel your fleet is utilizing. The fundamental way to really manage your fleet’s fuel consumption is to maintain the vehicles in your fleet regularly. Consistent maintenance of your fleet will help you minimize the amount of gas you are using, and ultimately, it will help you trim down your expenses.

For more fleet maintenance and management strategies for your Houston fleet, talk to the team at Glesby Marks today!


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