Driver Training for Houston Fleet Management

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Improve driver safety and efficiency with driver training as part of your overall fleet management strategy.

In Houston’s complex network of highways and city streets, effective fleet management goes beyond moving vehicles from A to B. It’s also about ensuring that your drivers are well-trained and well-equipped.

Investing in driver training can boost the efficiency and safety of your fleet.  It helps develop a safety culture that reduces accidents and legal risks, and increases profits as good driving choices lead to cost savings.  It also ensures every mile is driven lawfully, reducing the risk of violations and legal issues that can harm profits and your reputation.

Driver training also empowers your team to drive efficiently, not just safely. They learn to minimize vehicle wear and tear through proper driving practices, cutting maintenance costs and prolonging the fleet’s lifespan. Better vehicle handling can also improve fuel efficiency, saving costs in the long run.

Developing a well-rounded fleet management program requires a comprehensive approach that addresses not just vehicle maintenance, but driver behavior, safety, and efficiency.  By leveraging our industry knowledge and utilizing the latest technologies, our team at Glesby Marks can help design a program tailored to your unique needs. Contact us now to discuss a custom solution for your business.

Preventing Commercial Vehicle Crashes

Unfortunately, Houston has some of the highest numbers in the country for fatality and injury rates caused by car accidents. In 2022, there were more than 4,200 commercial vehicle crashes in Harris County alone.

The top three hotspots for fleet and delivery vehicle crashes in Houston are:

  1. Interstate 10, specifically, the interchange where I-10 and Beltway 8 meet in Spring Branch
  2. Sam Houston Parkway, Beltway 8
  3. 610 interchanges for northbound and southbound I-45

Effective driver training provides your team with the knowledge and skills to navigate Houston’s roads, reducing these accident risks.

Driving Training Essentials

An effective driver training program focuses on three key elements, each crucial in developing a driver’s competency in the field.

Mastering Defensive Driving Techniques

Defensive driving is a life-saving practice. Programs that focus on defensive driving teach anticipation, awareness, and preparation. This gives drivers the ability to avoid hazards and react effectively to unexpected and potentially life-threatening situations.

Fostering Vehicle Maintenance Awareness

Drivers are the first line of defense when it comes to vehicle health. Basic maintenance checks, such as monitoring tire pressure, checking fluid levels, and understanding the vehicle’s diagnostic systems help prevent roadside breakdowns and keep your fleet at its optimum operational condition.

Equipping with Emergency Response Protocols

In the event of an emergency, how your drivers react can make all the difference. Training must cover not only how to handle emergency situations but also the protocol for communication and support. A fast, appropriate response can reduce damage and, in a worst-case scenario, save lives.

Successful Fleet Management with Glesby Marks

Good fleet management requires a mix of technology, human skill, and strategic planning. At Glesby Marks, our solutions are tailored to your needs so that you get the right vehicles and the right lease agreement for your business. Contact us today so we can help you build your best fleet management program.

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