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Don’t neglect tires in your fleet management policies.

Tires and tire maintenance are some of the largest operating costs for many fleets. With the right fleet management solutions, you can implement a good tire management program that can help improve your fleet’s bottom line. 

Tires are literally the connection between your fleet and the road, but they’re often the most neglected part of fleet management programs. Yet, they affect many different elements that could be costing your fleet money and reducing profitability. Improper fleet tire management can cause high fuel consumption, frequent tire replacements, increased roadside service calls, CVSA violations, and even safety hazards for your vehicles. Two important aspects of proper tire management include tire pressure and using the right tires for your application. 

Address Tire Pressure in Your Fleet Management Program

You’ve likely heard plenty of times that pressure management is important for tire lifecycle. However, it’s also vital for good fuel efficiency and even safety. 

A constant underinflation of 20% can reduce tire life by 30%.  Also, a pressure mismatch of just 5psi between steer tires can even affect steering. This can cause vehicles to pull to the side with the lower pressure. Therefore, it may be a safety hazard for your drivers and others on the road. So, institute regular pressure checks as part of your fleet maintenance program.

Simply keeping your vehicles’ tires inflated to manufacturer recommendations can help protect your investment and increase profitability for your fleet. Tire pressure records help you look for gaps in tire maintenance. They can even help you determine if you’re using the right kind of tires for your application.

Good Tire Management Depends on Choosing the Right Tires for Your Application

No matter how good your tire management and maintenance program is, if you’re not using the right type of tire for your applications, it’s costing your fleet money. Therefore, consider things like load, road conditions, weather, and more when choosing tires for fleet vehicles.

Working with our commercial vehicle leasing specialists can help you find the right tires for your applications. We also offer guidance on choosing tires that will help maximize safety, fuel economy, and tire lifecycle. In addition, our team provides advanced fleet management solutions as a single point of access for all your fleet’s needs.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Management Solutions from Glesby Marks

For optimal, cost-effective fleet solutions, choose our team at Glesby Marks. Our experts are here to help you find the perfect vehicles and management programs for your needs. As an independent leasing company, we can help set your fleet up for success with any make or model you need. Whether you’re considering Seattle commercial vehicle leasing or are looking for management solutions to optimize your fleet, we are here for you. Call us today at (800) 482-9498 to learn more and get started. 

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