Fleet Management for Improved Safety

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Fleet management tools give you insights to help improve safety for your fleet.

We all know fleet management can help save costs for things like vehicle maintenance and fuel expenditures. However, did you know that these systems can also help increase safety? Safe driving is important for both your vehicles and your drivers! We have a few tips on using fleet vehicle management tools and systems to boost safety for your fleet.

How does Fleet Management Help Improve Safety?

Naturally, safety is a concern at all times, no matter what type of fleet you have. Advanced management tools can help you improve safety in a few ways. 

First, fleet management systems can help you stay on top of needed maintenance and recalls. A well-maintained fleet vehicle has less risk of breakdowns or mechanical failures that could pose a safety hazard. 

Also, modern technology allows you to get real-time data about driver behavior. For example, telematics systems can help monitor things like seatbelt use and speeding, as well as rough braking, acceleration, or turning. This data goes straight into your vehicle management system to help you determine if your fleet drivers are driving safely.

You can use this for individualized training or even look at overall trends to talk about in your quarterly safety meetings. Having data is invaluable for making good decisions for the safety of your fleet, as it gives you insight into behavior when you’re not in the cabin with your drivers. 

Therefore, monitoring and reporting as part of your management system can help you identify and correct safety risks, from a maintenance standpoint or a driver behavior standpoint.

Fleet Leasing Means Newer Vehicles with Cutting-Edge Safety Features

Another thing to consider is opting for fleet leasing instead of purchasing. Now, why would this affect safety? Leasing your fleet creates an automatic replacement cycle for your vehicles. That means there’s no risk of keeping vehicles beyond their useful operating life, which can help ensure your fleet vehicles are safe without needing extensive repairs or maintenance. Our leasing options also come with free access to management tools and programs to help you increase safety for your drivers. 

Also, replacing your commercial vehicles on a regular basis means you benefit from newer technologies and safety features. For example, automatic emergency braking has been around since about the early 2000s, but it was an expensive safety feature. Now automatic emergency braking is expected to become a standard feature in most cars next year in 2022. This is just one example of how regular upgrades as part of your Seattle commercial vehicle leasing plan can help you create a safer fleet.

Get the Most out of Seattle Commercial Vehicle Leasing with Glesby Marks

When you need vehicles for your fleet, call our experts at Glesby Marks. As a national independent fleet company, we help you find the perfect vehicles and options for your company. Whether your fleet is large or small, we have solutions for you. We’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need, like specialized equipment and management technology. Even more, we’ll roll it right into your lease! Get your fleet fitted with the vehicles and equipment you need for no up-front costs and low monthly payments. Call us now at (800) 482-9498 to talk to one of our specialists and get started today!

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