Fleet Leasing Solutions for Construction Companies

construction vehicles and equipment from Glesby Marks fleet leasing solutions

Fleet leasing can help you build your construction fleet of trucks and heavy equipment.

The construction industry relies on durable, heavy-duty vehicles for everything from transporting workers to performing work for each project. Fleet leasing allows your construction company to find the right vehicles you need for success. In this article, we’ll explain why you might consider leasing your construction fleet and some options that may work well for your  business.

Why Consider Fleet Leasing for Your Construction Company?

Commercial vehicle leasing is a solution that many construction companies use to create their fleets. This option offers many benefits compared to purchasing vehicles and equipment for your construction company. First, there are much lower upfront costs. Instead, you simply pay low monthly payments for fleet leasing. This helps you improve cash flow for your business.

Another key benefit of leasing for construction fleets is that you can take advantage of the vehicle’s useful lifetime. There are many types of vehicles and equipment your construction company needs. Owning assets means you must market and sell aging vehicles when the cost of ownership increases. Instead, with fleet leasing you simply return the keys and look for new vehicles. 

Also, when you lease your construction fleet through our team, you gain access to valuable fleet management solutions. We offer comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, fuel cost management software, GPS tracking, and other important tools to help you make your construction fleet more efficient and economical.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing for All Your Construction Fleet Needs

There are many fleet leasing options to choose from for your construction business. Whether you’re a small local contractor or a national construction corporation, we offer solutions customized to your needs. Our team helps you lease not only construction trucks, but also heavy equipment like bulldozers, dump trucks, and backhoes. We are here to help you source all the vehicles you need.

Our commercial vehicle leasing plans are also completely customizable for your situation. We offer both operating leases and capital leases for your construction fleet. Operating leases are essentially like renting your equipment. You treat it like any other operating expense and you don’t take ownership of the vehicles when the lease ends. This is best if you plan to keep the vehicles for less than five years and don’t want the hassles of ownership for your equipment and vehicles. 

Capital leases are better for companies who want to keep their same vehicles and equipment for more than five years and want the option of purchasing the assets at the end of the lease term. With this option, you still reduce upfront costs and get immediate access to the vehicles you need. However, you also have the option to purchase the vehicles and equipment at a predetermined discount price at the end of the lease term, which is an attractive option for many companies. 

Total Fleet Solutions from Glesby Marks

Talk to our experts at Glesby Marks today about your fleet needs. We are here to tailor each lease to your exact needs, whether you need just a few trucks or an entire fleet for your business. Our team specializes in finding not only the right vehicles for your needs, but also the right lease terms. We work with construction companies and other commercial vehicle owners throughout the country and have offices in Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Houston. So, whether you need Seattle fleet management tools or are looking for Houston fleet leasing options, we are here for you. Call us now at (800) 482-9498 to get started.

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