The Benefits of Fleet Leasing CNG Vehicles

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Are you looking at your fleet leasing options? If so, consider a CNG-fueled fleet.

If you’re considering your fleet leasing options, CNG vehicles offer many benefits. Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is the cleanest burning fuel currently available publicly and commercially. Therefore, there is a lot of hype about CNG. However, leasing natural gas fleet vehicles can also reduce your operating and maintenance costs and may be safer for your fleet.  Here are a few things to keep in mind about natural gas when looking your commercial vehicle leasing options.

Fleet Leasing CNG Vehicles Reduces Costs

One of the main benefits of CNG vehicles is that they can help reduce your costs. First, prices at the pump for CNG are typically half the cost of gasoline and diesel. Additionally, while gasoline and diesel prices tend to fluctuate, CNG prices generally remain stable. Therefore, when fleet leasing natural gas vehicles, you can predict fuel prices and save on costs.

In addition, natural gas also causes less residue, as it is a clean burning fuel. When fleet leasing commercial CNG vehicles, you will likely notice less wear and tear on your engines due to the reduced residue accumulating from the fuel. This often translates to less spending on maintenance. For example, with natural gas vehicles, there’s no need for costly and high maintenance diesel particulate filters. Therefore, CNG fleet vehicles may be the best commercial vehicle leasing option for your fleet.

CNG Fleet Vehicles Are Safer

Also, CNG vehicles may be safer for your drivers. Most people know about the environmental benefits of using natural gas as a fuel alternative, such as better air quality. However, fleet leasing natural gas vehicles may also reduce your chance of fuel leaks. Additionally, even if a leak does occur, the fuel dissipates into the air, rather than leaking onto the ground where it can contaminate the area or even cause a fire.

On top of this, natural gas vehicles are about 90% quieter than diesel engines. This results in less driver fatigue and can improve your fleet drivers’ quality of life. Therefore, a CNG-fueled fleet can also be a safer commercial vehicle leasing solution.

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