Commercial Vehicle Leasing? Update Your Driver Safety Policy

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If you’re considering commercial vehicle leasing, your fleet is probably experiencing some changes. This is the perfect time to look at your driver safety policies!

Are you starting or expanding a fleet with commercial vehicle leasing? Then it’s likely time to look at your driver safety policy. You want to be fully prepared before you check out your commercial vehicle leasing options. Updating your policies helps you get ready to create or expand your fleet. This way, you’ll have everything in ship shape before signing your fleet leasing agreement and receiving your vehicles.

Re-Evaluate Your Policies when Starting or Expanding Your Fleet with Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Your fleet driver safety policy helps your fleet reduce collisions, injuries, and license violations. Therefore, you should update your policies regularly. However, any time you make changes to your fleet, you should also review your policies. That’s why it’s such a good idea to update your safety policies when you’re looking at your commercial vehicle leasing options.

Also, you may see a need for extra equipment on your fleet vehicles while updating your policies. For example, you may decide that telematic systems will help you improve your fleet’s safety. Your commercial vehicle leasing specialists can help you find the right systems. It can even save you money to add them to your lease. Therefore, take a quick look at your policies to determine if you need extra safety solutions from your fleet leasing company.

What to Include in Your Fleet’s Driver Safety Policy

To get outdated policies back up to speed, take a look at current FMCSA regulations. Even if these don’t apply to your drivers, they’re a great starting point for safety policies. Consider adopting these regulations as part of your driver safety policies. For example, terminating drivers who drive under the influence or leave the scene of the accident.

Also, implement seatbelt and mobile device policies to ensure safe habits. Ensure that your drivers and any passengers wear their seat belts in case of an accident. Also, implement a policy against using phones, tablets, and other devices while driving.

Additionally, if you added telematics to your commercial vehicle leasing plan, be sure to check the data regularly to identify risky behavior in your drivers. This can help you identify safety training opportunities and bad seeds that increase your liability.

Once you have your policies up to snuff, remember to keep them at the forefront of your drivers’ minds. Hold regular safety meetings where you reinforce your driver safety policies. Also remember to offer incentives for safe driving to encourage your fleet to be safer on the road.

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