Encouraging Drivers to Take Better Care of Fleet Vehicles

Encouraging your drivers to perform regular Denver fleet maintenance tasks can help you keep your vehicles in optimal condition. Finding ways to motivate drivers to care for their fleet vehicles, however, can be a challenging proposition. Here are some proven strategies for making sure your drivers take excellent care of your vehicles while performing their regular duties.

Communicate Clear Expectations

Making sure your drivers understand the steps necessary to maintain their vehicles and to keep them in optimal condition can help them to complete these tasks on a regular basis:

  • Cleaning the vehicle inside and out
  • Checking to make sure that all equipment and tools are in place
  • Monitoring fluid levels
  • Inspecting auto glass for cracks and chips
  • Checking tire pressures and adding air as needed

Providing your drivers with a helpful checklist can ensure that these tasks are performed regularly to keep your fleet vehicles looking and performing at their best.

Make It Part of Company Policy

Outlining your expectations as part of your written corporate policy can provide your drivers with a clearer idea of the cleaning and maintenance requirements for their vehicles. Spelling out the tasks and procedures needed to keep vehicles in tip-top condition can be a practical way to ensure that your drivers stick to the plan and maintain their vehicles for optimal performance on the road.

Use the Right Tools

Denver fleet management tools can provide you with feedback on the activities of your drivers and can provide valuable reminders for scheduled maintenance and cleanings. Your drivers can benefit from these little nudges toward proper care for their cars and trucks. At the same time, your company can enjoy the advantages of reduced fuel consumption and increased safety and reliability.

Assign Specific Vehicles

Your drivers will take more pride in their vehicles if they know they will be assigned the same car, truck or van every time they head out on the road. This can also ensure greater accountability for individual drivers and may instill a greater sense of responsibility and pride for their vehicle that can translate to improved care and maintenance services for your entire fleet.

The Denver commercial vehicle leasing experts at Glesby Marks can provide you with the most advanced tools and solutions for all your fleet vehicle management needs. We can provide useful reminders for recommended maintenance, allowing your drivers to prepare for these appointments in advance. Call us today at 800-482-9498 to discuss your needs with our trained and knowledgeable customer service staff. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your company.

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