Winter Driving Tips for Your Denver Fleet

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Here are winter driving tips to share with your drivers as part of your Denver fleet management program.


Winter roads can be hazardous, so it’s important for your drivers to know some basic winter driving tips. Part of proper Denver fleet management includes making sure your fleet drivers are well-equipped to deal with inclement weather conditions. Therefore, make sure to educate your drivers on the best practices for winter. Additionally, ensure that you are up to date on your Denver commercial fleet leasing maintenance schedule to provide the safest vehicles for your crew.

Denver Fleet Management Driving Tips

Some of the main causes of winter accidents are decreased visibility and traction, poor vehicle preparation and route planning, and a lack of training for winter driving. Therefore, talk to your drivers about some of the following tips as part of your Denver fleet management program.

Watch for Black Ice

Black ice is especially dangerous because it can be difficult for your fleet drivers to spot. Tell your drivers to watch out for wet-looking patches on the road. These areas are often black ice, which can cause them to slip or lose control of their vehicle. Additionally, if they do hit a patch of black ice, be sure that your drivers know to let off the gas and avoid aggressively hitting the brakes, as this can worsen the problem.

Don’t Tailgate

Another important Denver fleet management tip is to educate your drivers on the dangers of tailgating. Following too close in any kind of weather is unsafe, as it doesn’t give your drivers enough time to stop. However, this is especially the case on wet, icy, or snowy roads, as they will have less traction to stop quickly.

Don’t Use Cruise Control

Additionally, let your drivers know to avoid cruise control in poor winter weather. Cruise control will cause a vehicle to accelerate if the car slips or hydroplanes. This can increase the risk of your drivers losing control of the vehicle.

Keep Your Lights On

As a Denver fleet manager you should also advise your drivers to keep their lights on. Winter days are often darker and shorter, and storms can make it even harder to see. Therefore, make sure that your drivers are using their lights in these conditions. Headlights make it easier for your drivers to see, as well as for other vehicles to see them.

Make it your Denver Fleet Management Policy to Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection

Finally, make sure that your fleet drivers are conducting pre-trip inspections as part of your Denver fleet management policy. Before each trip, fleet drivers should check wiper blades, tires, lights, and fluids to ensure that their vehicle is safe and well-equipped for their trip. This is especially important during the winter when road conditions are more dangerous.

Maintenance for Your Denver Fleet

Another important component of keeping your fleet drivers safe during the winter is to keep up on recommended maintenance. With Denver commercial vehicle leasing, this is easy, as there is a set schedule and you also receive maintenance reminders. Additionally, Denver fleet leasing programs often include solutions that allow you to use the same local auto shops you normally use. Depending on your preference, you may receive a national fleet ID card that you can use at your preferred service shops. By contrast, you may also opt for a corporate claims management option through your Denver commercial vehicle leasing plan. This program allows you to use in-network repair facilities nation-wide and even includes safety training for your drivers, among other benefits. Therefore, if you need assistance with training for your Denver fleet management program, this is may be a great option for you.

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