Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Driver-Facing Cameras

commercial vehicle leasing

Help protect your drivers when commercial vehicle leasing.


If you are considering commercial vehicle leasing, you may also look at installing cameras on your fleet vehicles. More and more, dash cameras are becoming a staple of fleet management. Typically, front-facing cameras are a great investment, but there is still some debate about driver-facing cameras. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to adding driver-facing cameras to your fleet.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Dash Cams

While you are fleet leasing, video monitoring systems can help protect your company and drivers against fraud. Typically, fleet managers will use video recordings as evidence for who is at fault for an accident. This can help determine who pays for commercial vehicle leasing damages after a crash.

Additionally, many fleet managers use video recordings as an opportunity for additional training. This can help cut a driver’s collision rate by up to 50% and allows fleet managers to evaluate areas where more training may help drivers be safer with commercial vehicle leasing cars. However, there is some controversy about fleet driver-facing cameras.

The Benefits of Driver-Facing Cameras for Fleet Management

Driver-facing cameras allow your fleet drivers to have accountability at all times. Because they’re on camera, your drivers may be more aware and conscious of their driving habits. Additionally, while you are commercial vehicle leasing, you want to ensure that your drivers are using the safest driving practices for your fleet. Video monitoring for your fleet drivers can promote good behavior and allow you to find coachable moments. For example, if you notice that one of your drivers often looks at their mobile device while driving a fleet vehicle, you can address the negative behavior so they can improve.

However, you should be aware that there are opponents of installing driver-facing cameras. Some drivers may perceive this as you not trusting them with commercial vehicle leasing cars and equipment. In addition, it can cause some of your personnel to believe that this is a sign that you don’t appreciate the work they do. Therefore, if you do add driver-facing cameras as part of your fleet management program, be sure to thoroughly communicate why you want to integrate them to protect your drivers and your fleet.

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