Denver Fleet Management Tips for Summer Heat

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Denver fleet management can help you keep your fleet vehicles in good condition during scorching summer temperatures.

It’s heating up outside, so make sure you have the right Denver fleet management solutions at your fingertips. Extreme heat and UV radiation during the summer months can put extra stress on your commercial vehicles and it’s certainly time to prioritize fuel efficiency to save costs. In this article, we offer some simple fleet management tips to help you through Colorado’s hot, dry summer. 

Denver Fleet Management Reminders for the Summer

A lot of people talk about how hard the winter and snow are on vehicles, but it’s important to know that the summer can take a toll as well. There are several summer maintenance tasks to consider as part of your Denver fleet management program. Here are some to consider:

  • Check the Tires: Hot pavement can make the rubber in tires deteriorate faster. That, plus the fact that hot air expands and can affect tire pressure, blow outs are a common issue for commercial vehicles during the summer. So, make sure to test tire pressure and inspect for damage or wear regularly this summer. 
  • Inspect the Wipers: Windshield wipers feature rubber blades that can also wear out from heat and UV exposure. Therefore, as part of your summer fleet maintenance activities, inspect the wipers and replace as needed for worn blades. 
  • Inspect the Belts: Belts in most modern commercial vehicles are made from EPDM, which is similar to rubber. This material is more heat resistant than rubber, but can wear out with extreme heat. So, double check the belt systems in your vehicles to ensure they are in good condition. 
  • Check the Cooling System: Making sure your fleet vehicles have plenty of coolant is important for keeping engines cool in warm weather. Top off the coolant and complete an inspection to ensure everything looks good for your fleet’s cooling systems. 
  • Test the A/C: One easy way to make even your best drivers mad is to leave them with poorly performing or even failed air conditioning services in your fleet vehicles. This can cause not only discomfort, but health issues for your team. Therefore, make sure you check the air conditioning unit. You may need to replace the cabin filter or recharge the A/C for best results. 

Other Summer Considerations

In addition to these important maintenance tasks, there are a few other things to keep in mind for Denver fleet management in the summer. For instance, fuel efficiency. We likely don’t need to tell you that gas prices have skyrocketed and that summer typically brings rising fuel prices. To keep expenses under control, it’s time to manage fuel consumption. We offer advanced tools to help you monitor and analyze fuel purchases and make adjustments as necessary. 

Also, let’s not forget that summer traffic can be a nightmare. Therefore, you may need to alter routes based on expected traffic. This can help reduce time sitting idle in traffic and also reduce the risk of accidents for your fleet. So, make sure you analyze your routes and determine if they are optimized for the summer.

It May Be Time to Upgrade Your Vehicles with Denver Commercial Vehicle Leasing Solutions

If your fleet vehicles are nearing the end of their useful life cycle, now may be the right time to consider upgrading through our advanced fleet leasing solutions. Our experts help you source the ideal vehicles for your needs and also help with upfitting to customize them to your company’s needs. We offer flexible lease options, including operating and capital leases, so we can find a solution that makes the most sense for you. As always, you can expect no mileage restrictions, wear and tear clauses, administrative fees, or management fees when you choose us for Denver commercial vehicle leasing

Fleet Leasing & Management with Glesby Marks

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