Commercial Vehicle Leasing: Chip & Vehicle Shortages

commercial truck procured with commercial vehicle leasing

Commercial vehicle leasing may help you source fleet vehicles during the semiconductor chip shortage.

Most of us are aware of the chaos that semiconductor chip shortages have caused in the automotive industry. If you need vehicles for your fleet, trucks, vans, and other commercial vehicles are becoming harder to get due to the shortages, while prices have skyrocketed. Commercial vehicle leasing may be the best option for fleets right now. Leasing can help reduce up front costs and help you get the vehicles you need for business. In addition, most fleets are prioritizing maintenance more than ever before to help extend the useful life of the vehicles they already have.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing May Help You Avoid High Costs and Availability Issues from Chip Shortages

Semiconductor chips are integral components of modern vehicles. Each vehicle can require hundreds of these chips. They operate everything from the airbags to the power windows. These chip shortages have caused major disruptions in auto manufacturing. Even as the industry gradually starts to recover, many experts expect the effects to continue into 2022 and 2023. 

With high costs associated with purchasing new and even used cars, commercial vehicle leasing may be the best option for many fleets to meet their transportation needs. Leases offer low monthly payments and may offer lower costs overall compared to purchasing new vehicles right now. Also, leasing may help fill gaps in availability if you need vehicles quickly. Manufacturers have had to push out delivery dates by weeks and even months in some cases because of chip shortages.

Invest in Fleet Management to Extend the Life of Vehicles You Already Have

Right now, many fleets are looking at ways to increase the lifespan of their current vehicles. Fleet management can help identify ways to make your current fleet vehicles last longer during the chip and vehicle shortage. Investing in preventative maintenance and using analytics to identify potentially damaging driving habits can help keep vehicles in good condition longer. Fleet management programs can also help provide cost-saving solutions during these unprecedented and unpredictable times. 

Transportation Solutions for Fleets from Glesby Marks

When you need comprehensive fleet services, from leasing to management, our team at Glesby Marks is here to help. Since 1976, we’ve been providing our expertise to fleet owners all across the nation. Whether you need help with Houston commercial vehicle leasing or need help with remarketing, we have solutions to suit your needs. Our goal is to provide you with total fleet services customized to your requirements and budget. Call us now at (800) 482-9498 to discuss your fleet’s needs with our experts.

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