Fleet Management: Reducing Fleet Costs

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Fleet management solutions can help save your company money on fleet operating costs.

Practically every fleet management team aims to reduce costs and maximize profits. Yet, achieving this can be difficult for many fleets. There are many different ways to do this, but there are a few common strategies to help. 

Cost-Saving Fleet Management Tips

If you’re looking to increase profits for your fleet, generally a good place to start is to improve returns on your vehicles. There are several ways to go about this, but here are a few common approaches that may work for you. 

Optimize Fleet Size with Commercial Vehicle Leasing

One of the biggest cost-saving options for fleets is to optimize fleet size. This involves taking a Goldilocks approach to fleet sizing. You don’t want a fleet that is too big or too small. If you have too many vehicles in your fleet, then you’re paying for unneeded vehicles, both in acquisition costs, maintenance costs, and even storage costs. You likely already know this, which is why it’s far more common for fleets to be too small. 

When fleets are too small, the acquisition costs are certainly much lower for fewer vehicles. However, you likely run into other problems. The higher workload on each vehicle can lead to high maintenance and repair costs and premature breakdowns. In addition, if your fleet is too small, you’re limiting how much business your fleet can actually do, which reduces your profits. You can add vehicles to your fleet for optimal sizing through our commercial vehicle leasing options for low monthly payments if you’re concerned about lump-sum acquisition costs. 

Prioritize Fuel Economy

Another important way fleet management programs can reduce costs is looking at fuel economy. Fuel costs are a significant portion of your expenses, and you want to make sure each drop is used efficiently. The first step to improving fuel economy is tracking fuel economy data and looking for patterns. A few simple tips for reducing fuel consumption is to take part in preventative maintenance for fleet vehicles, such as keeping tires at optimal pressures. In addition, you can use telematics to identify fuel-wasting driving behaviors like hard braking and training your drivers against these behaviors. 

Choosing Lower Acquisition Costs with Fleet Leasing

Vehicle acquisition costs also likely account for a pretty large piece of the pie for your fleet. It’s important to shop around and find the right deals for your fleet vehicles. You want to make sure you’re getting the best price for the vehicles you need. Our fleet leasing team can help you look at different options to suit your budget. 

Encourage Good, Safe Driving Behaviors Through Fleet Management

We mentioned earlier that driver behavior can contribute to higher fuel costs. However, poor driving can also lead to higher maintenance and repair costs or even costly accidents. First, make sure your drivers receive proper training on best driving practices and your fleet’s policies. Also, you can use telematics to discover unsafe or inefficient driving patterns to improve your fleet’s costs and safety.

Schedule Proper Maintenance 

Another way to save your fleet money is to cut down on unexpected repair costs. The best way to do this is through preventative and predictive maintenance for your fleet. Our fleet management programs can actually keep track of maintenance for you and send you reminders when your vehicles need service. From there, you can even choose from a list of trusted vendors to perform this maintenance for a mechanic team you can rely on.

Fleet Management and Leasing Solutions from Glesby Marks

Need fleet leasing and management options tailored to your company? Our team at Glesby Marks is here to find solutions that suit your needs. We offer years of experience delivering comprehensive services to fleets. We are truly an all-in-one source for everything you need. Call us now at (800) 482-9498 to talk to our team about your fleet’s needs.

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