Commercial Vehicle Leasing: Vehicles with ADAS

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Think about which ADAS systems may be helpful for your drivers when commercial vehicle leasing.

When commercial vehicle leasing, it’s important to understand different features you can choose from. ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) are becoming more and more popular in vehicle makes and models, including commercial vehicles. In this article, we will discuss why you might consider leasing fleet vehicles with ADAS systems and some pros and cons of these systems. 

Consider Advanced Driver Assist Systems when Commercial Vehicle Leasing

ADAS systems are safety features many vehicle manufacturers are making standard in all models. ADAS features include things like:

  • Lane keep assist
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Emergency automatic braking

These safety features can alert your drivers to potential hazards or even take action, such as steering the vehicle back into the lane or applying the brake automatically if the sensors detect an impending accident.

In the past, ADAS features were additional options that came at a premium. Today, many of these previously optional features are now standard. In fact, many auto manufacturers have pledged to make emergency automatic braking standard in all models by 2022. Therefore, it’s more and more important to understand ADAS systems as they apply to fleet leasing

Advantages and Disadvantages of ADAS for Fleet Vehicles

ADAS systems come with both pros and cons. The good news is that many ADAS systems can help reduce the risk of crashes. One study estimates that emergency automatic braking systems could stop in more than two of every five crashes involving a large truck rear-ending another vehicle. This means ADAS systems can not only increase safety for commercial drivers, but can also decrease fleet costs for accident-related damages and workers compensation. One of the main benefits of commercial vehicle leasing with ADAS systems is that they may help improve fleet safety. 

However, it’s also important to understand the drawbacks. One is that it can affect maintenance and repairs. In many cases, ADAS systems may need recalibration after any maintenance or repair services. This can increase the amount of time and the expense of fleet vehicle servicing. Some also argue that commercial drivers may become reliant on these systems and more complacent while driving, though proper training can help prevent this. In any case, think about the pros and cons and how to address ADAS systems for your fleet. 

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