Upfitting Fleet Vehicles to Client Specs

Glesby Marks, your Fleet Leasing & Management experts, upfitted diesel trucks that passed even California’s emission standards, into amazing “thermal remediation” units that were mounted on an Isuzu NRR chassis per our client’s specifications. These trucks provide our client with the ability to raise the temperature in up to 12 (hotel) rooms at one time to 135 degrees, killing bedbugs and their larvae for hotel patron safety. This truck upfitting allows hotels to rent their rooms the same day as treatment as they can be inhabited within hours of the thermal remediation process as opposed to several days with chemical treatments. And did we mention, NO CHEMICALS?

Glesby Marks will work and collaborate with customers to design a properly upfitted vehicle with the proper equipment to maximize productivity. We can provide experienced, high-skilled vendors that specialize in fleet vehicle upfitting or we work with your already established relationships.

We can upfit any and all types of work-related, fleet vehicles to client specifications from racks, beds, boxes, bins, toolboxes and specialized equipment to meet your company’s individual needs. Heavier duty engines, heavy machinery with computer technology for diesel consumption needs, cars with trackable GPS systems are only a step away with our customization ability at Glesby Marks. Financing is always available and we can include all upfitting costs into the financials of your lease.

Having a fleet solutions company close by can be a HUGE resource for companies utilizing fleets of vehicles, trucks or heavy machinery. Our experienced staff has invested 40+ years successfully in the vehicle leasing industry and has the latest in technology available. Let us help you with any of your fleet management needs.

Upfitting a fleet can allow you to get exactly what you need out of your fleet, and we’d like to help you accomplish just that. Our experts are familiar with all types of potentials fleets and can make suggestions accordingly. Whether we track down vehicles/machinery that is already built to suit your needs or we devise a plan to upfit accordingly, we’ll work together to make it work. Proper management of fleet vehicles can maximize your return on investment, and that is our job….to help you manage your fleet.

Our newly designed website was built with the client in mind, offering gas and diesel fuel updates with the touch of one button. With gas consumption management plans (including gas cards, logins for drivers, etc) to oil and engine maintenance plans, we can manage your fleet together through our online reporting tools.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can upfit a fleet of 2 or 50 vehicles, exactly to your specifications. Call 1.800.482.9498 and speak with of our fleet management specialists. We have offices in Houston, Denver, Portand, and Seattle; however, we travel across the United States to meet with clients on a daily basis. Let us know if we can help!


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