Portland Commercial Vehicle Leasing: Manual vs. Automatic

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Considering Portland commercial vehicle leasing? Many fleets are switching to automated manual transmission vehicles.

If you’re considering Portland commercial vehicle leasing for your fleet, you’ll need to decide what type of transmission is best for your business. There are many different opinions on what the best type of transmission is for commercial cars. Consider the pros and cons of manual transmissions, automatic transmissions (ATs), and automated manual transmissions (AMTs) before making a decision on which vehicles to lease.

Benefits of Automatic Transmissions for Portland Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Today, more fleets are moving toward automatic and automated manual transmission vehicles. This generally comes down to two main advantages: fuel economy and safety. Part of Portland fleet management is ensuring your fleet drives efficiently to reduce fuel costs. ATs and AMTs can offer better fuel economy, especially with less experienced drivers. These transmissions can take your worst driver and keep them equal with your best driver when it comes to fuel economy. This is because they are programmed to shift as efficiently as possible. That’s why many companies are choosing this Portland commercial vehicle leasing option instead of manual transmissions.

In addition, Portland commercial vehicle leasing for AT and AMT cars may help improve safety. Most agree that these types of vehicles are safer for drivers, as there’s no gear shifting to distract them from the road. Drivers can focus on the road, rather than shifting gears. Also, this can lead to less fatigue while driving to improve alertness. 

Another reason many fleets are switching to ATs and AMTs is that they can help widen the pool of potential drivers. While many experienced drivers can drive a manual commercial vehicle with precision, as they age, the physical act of shifting can make it difficult for truck drivers to drive. Rather than face retirement, automatics allow these drivers to prolong their careers. These vehicles can also attract younger, less experienced drivers who may have never even driven a manual car before. Therefore, fleet leasing automatic and automated manual transmission cars may help your fleet maintain a large workforce. 

Pros and Cons of Manual Transmissions

However, there are still some fleet managers and drivers who swear by manual transmissions. Many argue that ATs and AMTs are too relaxing to drive, leading to drivers paying less attention. However, the main reason fleets choose Portland commercial vehicle leasing for manual transmission vehicles is due to cost. First, they are often less expensive to lease or purchase. Also, manual gearboxes are less expensive to repair. In addition, many drivers prefer the extra control of manual commercial vehicles. Also, drivers with experience driving manual vehicles can drive for fuel efficiency in a way that can come close to other transmission types. Therefore, if you primarily have experienced drivers on your team, you may want to consider manual transmission fleet vehicles. 

Portland Commercial Vehicle Leasing for Manual, Automatic, or Automated Manual Transmissions

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