How Fleet Management Saves Your Company Money

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Good fleet management tools allow you to keep tabs on your vehicles and find ways to reduce overall costs.

Fleet management is an essential part of operating your commercial vehicles. Whether you own a fleet of commercial trucks for nationwide cargo deliveries or operate a small food delivery fleet for your catering business, we can all agree that minimizing costs and maximizing profits is a good goal. With the right management tools, you can do just that for your fleet vehicles. In this article, we’ll explain how fleet management can save your business money.

Save Money with Fleet Management Solutions

The ultimate goal of fleet management is to optimize operations. This helps make you more efficient, improve performance, and also save money. 

Managing your fleet means you’re doing everything you can to improve operations, including reducing unnecessary costs for things like vehicle acquisition, maintenance, fuel, and collisions. 

Management often includes tracking data on a variety of things, including overall costs, GPS location, service needs, and vehicle telematics. This allows fleet managers to truly measure various factors that affect business operations as well as total costs of ownership for commercial vehicles. 

From there, you can make changes to ensure that you’re optimizing costs for your fleet. For instance, it may be that you have too few vehicles, cutting down on the amount of business you can handle at one time. In these cases, you might consider fleet leasing solutions to quickly add vehicles to your fleet, meet current demands, and increase the amount of business you’re doing on a daily basis.

How to Reduce Fleet Costs

Reducing fleet costs really depends on your specific operations. However, there are several areas where fleet management tools can help you identify opportunities for cost savings. 

Telematics are a great tool for managing your fleet. They generally include various sensors for everything from GPS tracking to identifying aggressive driving behaviors and capturing dashcam footage. 

These powerful tools can help you find ways to optimize routes for fuel economy and for time savings, all of which can increase your bottom line. In many cases, what seems like the best route may not actually be the most efficient from a fuel or time sense because of things like traffic and road conditions. With the right data at your fingertips, you can use GPS to optimize routes for reduced costs. 

Telematics also allows you to track negative driving behaviors. For instance, aggressive acceleration, sudden stops, and excessive idling can take a toll not only on your vehicle maintenance program, but also fuel efficiency. What’s more, bad driving can increase the risk for collisions that can cost your company thousands. With management solutions, you can identify and address these behaviors to prevent these costly outcomes.

Also, let’s not forget managing fleet maintenance schedules. With the right tools on your side, you can easily keep track of preventative maintenance services and inspections. This helps you avoid breakdowns and emergency repairs that create unplanned downtime and also drive up service costs for your vehicles.

Glesby Marks – Fleet Leasing & Management Solutions Nationwide

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