Fleet Management Tips: Finding the Right Mechanic

Mechanic applying undercarriage coating as part of fleet management maintenance program

A good fleet management program means being able to go to the same shops and technicians you trust for your fleet’s vehicles.

While large fleets often have in-house maintenance and repair technicians, many smaller fleets work with outside mechanics and shops to help save costs. If you outsource your fleet maintenance and repair needs, it’s an important part of fleet management to find the right partners for the job. We’ll discuss some things to look for and how we help you ensure you receive quality services at competitive prices for your fleet vehicles. 

Finding a Trustworthy, Experienced Mechanic for Your Fleet

Choosing an auto shop or mechanic for your fleet is likely a lot different than finding one for your personal vehicle. Obviously no one wants their vehicle to sit in a shop for repairs. However, for a personal vehicle, this is typically only an inconvenience. By contrast, when you’re commercial vehicle leasing, every minute of downtime is money for your company. So, it’s even more important to find a fleet mechanic who can offer quick but quality repairs for your fleet vehicles.

Finding a good mechanic can be difficult, so we have a few tips to help:

  • Ask others in the industry which shops they work with
  • Look at their reviews online
  • Check their credentials
  • Ask if they have experience with fleet vehicles, not just family cars
  • Test them out by working with them primarily for minor services first

A good mechanic for your fleet is invaluable. Not only can they help when you need fast repairs or regular maintenance, but they can even help optimize performance. This can help reduce costs for your fleet. When you choose fleet leasing options from our team, we offer management programs to help you work with the shops you trust.

How Our Fleet Management Programs Make it Easy to Find the Right Shop

Whether you’re on the hunt for a good mechanic for your commercial vehicles or you’ve already found one, you don’t want to have to give them up later. That’s why we’ve designed fleet management programs to suit your needs.

We offer two basic options: the National Fleet ID card and Corporate Claims Management. Both allow you to work with trusted shops for your fleet’s maintenance and repair needs.

The National Fleet ID card offers access to high quality parts and services with uniform pricing. You can use your fleet ID card for authorized vendors throughout the nation. We can even include your preferred local shop in your coverage. 

Another great management option we offer is through Corporate Claims Management (CCM). CCM offers a huge network of service providers that are under contract with CCM. That means they answer directly to CCM for simple, no-hassle quality control for all the commercial vehicle services you need.

Experts in Commercial Vehicle Leasing and Management Services

When you need flexible options for fleet leasing and management, our team at Glesby Marks is here for your business. We’re here to help you find the vehicles and services for your needs and budget. Our team is dedicated to your success, so we offer customized solutions, whether you need fleet vehicles, remarketing, or ongoing account management. We work with fleets nationwide as an independent fleet company. Call us now at (800) 482-9498 to talk to our experts!

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