F150 – Amazing Fleet Vehicle

For many in the fleet leasing industry, the Ford F-150 has created quite a bit of conversation when it comes to revolutionary vehicles. Critics have been going on for weeks about the latest pickup truck model. For those considering a commercial vehicle fleet, the Ford F-150 should be at the top of their list for vehicles to consider. While our vehicle selection process allows you to customize almost any vehicle to be the right vehicle for you and the needs of your business, Glesby Marks is determined to give the best to our customers. Because of that, we like to offer options that you might not have originally thought of, but that could work out for you better than you had planned. We highly recommended a pickup style when choosing their fleet. A pick-up truck offers safety, convenience, and fun to the driver, and the F-150 is the top of the pickup-truck game.

The model, known for its aluminum body is versatile and productive in every way one can think of. The pickup truck body makes it accessible for those on the job looking to transport materials and work equipment . Unlike other pickup trucks, the F-150 is known for it’s versatility in a number of different driving environments. It’s been hailed as a great truck to drive in the city, which is perfect for those living in any of our four major city areas. And because of it’s strong but lightweight body, the F-150 can tackle dirt roads, bumpy terrain, or anything else you may encounter on the job. Some might be concerned that a big truck means a big gas bill. But with our fuel management option, gas is no longer an issue! If you think you’d like to learn more about how you can make this fan favorite a part of your work plan, call us anytime.


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