Does it Make Sense Financially to Drive Fleet Vehicles Longer?

Your corporate fleet provides transportation for your employees and support for your customers. Establishing a relationship with a Houston commercial fleet leasing company can allow you to control costs and manage your transport needs more effectively in the modern marketplace. Knowing when to turn over your fleet vehicles for newer models can help you manage cash flow and ongoing expenses more effectively. Here are five factors to consider when deciding whether to keep your fleet vehicles longer or to replace them with newer cars, trucks and vans.

Increased Risks of Breakdown

Especially if you depend on your fleet for on-time delivery of inventory or reliable service to your customers, mechanical breakdowns can cause serious damage not only to your profitability but also to your professional reputation. Houston fleet maintenance services can often provide added longevity for your vehicles and can stave off these issues for a longer period of time. If you are experiencing more frequent breakdowns due to the age of your fleet, upgrading to newer leased vehicles may be a cost-effective way to safeguard your company’s public image and your overall level of service to your customers.

Varying Costs Over Time

Maintenance costs vary widely depending on the mileage of the vehicle. While oil changes and air filter replacements are relatively low-cost services, replacing the timing belt, brakes and other major components of your fleet vehicles can add up to a significant expense for your company. By considering the estimated costs for these manufacturer-recommended services and the annual mileage of an average vehicle in your fleet, you can ensure the most effective use of financial resources throughout your lease period.

The Power of Modern Maintenance

Ensuring that your vehicles are properly maintained can extend the life of your fleet and provide you and your drivers with reliable transportation throughout your leasing arrangement. By scheduling all recommended maintenance services on time, you can significantly improve the performance of your fleet vehicles. This can pay off in lower fuel costs and fewer repair visits for these critical elements of your business enterprise.

Reduced Costs

Shorter lease terms typically mean higher monthly costs for your company. By opting for a longer lease term and retaining your fleet vehicles for three years or more, you can often save a considerable amount of money on the cost of these contracts. Additionally, you can establish an ongoing relationship with your Houston commercial vehicle leasing agency, allowing you to enjoy access to the best options in the fleet leasing industry. This added competitive edge can be a significant factor in your company’s ongoing success in the business environment.

Public Image

Newer cars, trucks and vans can make a positive impression on your customers and clients, allowing your company to enjoy an improved public reputation. This is especially true for vehicles that have been involved in minor fender-bender accidents or that are beginning to show signs of rust and deterioration. By upgrading these vehicles quickly, your company can avoid negative issues associated with damaged or unattractive cars and trucks on Houston streets and highways.

By entrusting your fleet management needs to the professionals at Glesby Marks, you can enjoy top-quality leasing and maintenance solutions that fit the way your company does business. Glesby Marks offers comprehensive fleet services that include open-end and operating leases, vehicle selection and acquisition services and upfitting options for customizing your fleet vehicles. We deliver ongoing support for maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to reduce downtime and ensure the best possible service for your clients. By working with our Houston commercial fleet leasing team, you can ensure the best solutions for your company’s transportation needs. Call us today at 1-800-482-9498 to learn more about the Glesby Marks difference and how it can enhance your everyday fleet management routine.


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