Fleet Solutions | Real Time Online Account Management with Voyager

Real-time online account management for your fuel maintenance account

Voyager FleetCommander is a web-based application that enables the user to make real-time updates to their account. Authorized users may add, delete or modify drivers, vehicles. and/or cards 24 hours a day. The software program provides a resource for fleet managers to review information about fuel purchases and allow them to customize their individual data filter parameters. With FleetCommander you can create specialized reports, view purchasing patterns, and spot trends specific to your organization’s fleet buying activities.

Users are able to:

  • Select the information that will appear in each view
  • Use filters to find incidents not within fueling policy
  • Save and recall a wide variety of views
  • Print, export and convert views to a graphic format
  • Refresh data daily
  • From any view, with one click, activate a pop-up window with all the details of the transaction


  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • No Wear & Tear Clauses
  • No Administrative Fees
  • No Management Fees

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