Making the Required Switch from Paper Log Books to ELDs

The deadline is looming for transportation companies to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements to implement electronic logging devices (ELDs) on their fleet vehicles. These logging devices are designed to provide automatic information on the hours of service for drivers who may currently be using paper log books to record this information. The FMCSA deadline for implementing ELDs is scheduled to take effect on December 17, 2017, less than a year away. Consulting with a Houston fleet management company can help trucking companies and transportation firms achieve compliance with these new requirements and to stay on the right side of FMCSA recordkeeping regulations.

Intended to Increase Safety

Like most FMCSA rules, the new requirements regarding ELDs are designed to promote greater safety for truck and bus drivers, and other motorists. By automating the way in which hours-of-service information is recorded, the FMCSA hopes to reduce the number of crashes and collisions caused by fatigued drivers who have exceeded the allowable number of hours on the road for a given day or week. This could significantly improve safety and fleet maintenance not only for truckers but also for other drivers in the Houston area and across the country.

Some Drivers Are Exempt

Not all drivers are subject to the new FMCSA regulations. Drivers of trucks built before 2000 are not required to install ELDs. Other exemptions include the following:

  • Non-commercial drivers who stay within a 150-mile radius of their start point
  • Commercial drivers who remain within a 100-mile radius of their start point
  • Drivers who drop off or deliver vehicles

For independent Houston truck drivers who are required to comply with the new ELD regulations, however, these devices may represent a significant investment in Houston fleet management and an unwanted intrusion by government into their working activities.

Large Fleets Already Implementing ELDs

Many fleet maintenance companies are already providing ELD assistance to their clients throughout the U.S. in achieving full compliance with the FMCSA requirements. Trucking firms that work with commercial fleet leasing companies may see automatic upgrades to the required technologies immediately or in the near future.

Glesby Marks is a leading fleet maintenance, leasing and management firm serving the Houston area and select locations throughout the U.S. We can provide solid assistance and support for firms in complying with all aspects of FMCSA regulations, including the new ELD requirements. By entrusting your fleet management requirements to us, you can enjoy the most comprehensive and technologically advanced solutions in the transportation industry. Call us today at 1-800-482-9498 to create a customized fleet leasing and maintenance plan for your business needs.



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