Houston Fleet Management: Diesel vs. Gas for Fleet Trucks

Truck selected for Houston fleet management

Optimize your Houston fleet management by deciding if diesel or gas trucks will work best for your business.

Selecting the correct kind of fuel for your Houston fleet trucks is a vital decision. The right type of fuel affects your overall environmental footprint, operational efficiency, and bottom line. 

Gasoline and diesel both have their merits. It is crucial to understand their differences in order to make an informed decision that correlates with your company’s business goals.

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing to utilize diesel or gasoline for your Houston fleet. Glesby Marks is your go to for fleet management—contact us today. 

Considerations for Diesel Vehicles

There are multiple contributing factors that make diesel a good choice for your Houston fleet. Fuel efficiency is a huge bonus when using diesel. Diesel engines have much better gas mileage in comparison to gasoline. This means lower costs of fuel over the life of the vehicle, specifically for fleets that travel an extensive distance. 

The torque and power of diesel vehicles may also be a substantial incentive, depending on your business requirements. Diesel engines have a much higher torque output, which makes them ideal for transporting substantial loads. 

The longevity of diesel engines is also an important factor that should be taken into consideration. Diesel engines are manufactured to last a very long time. Most diesel engines often outrun the life expectancy of a regular gasoline engine when they are properly taken care of. 

The main downside for diesel vehicles is that they come with a hefty price tag. Diesel fueled trucks usually have a higher cost both in terms of upfront price and maintenance costs. 

Considerations for Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline-powered vehicles typically have a significantly lower upfront cost in comparison to diesel. This is significant for budget-aware Houston fleets. There is also a wide availability of gasoline compared to diesel. Gas stations are everywhere, which ensures easy access to fuel even in the most remote areas surrounding Houston. However, you do have a lower fuel efficiency with gas, as these engines consume much more fuel per mile in comparison to diesel engines. 

If your operations include hauling or towing, it’s important to note that gas engines have a limited hauling power, and may not provide the same amount of torque as diesel engines. Additionally, these engines can potentially have a shorter lifespan in comparison to diesel. Gasoline engines may not last as long as the diesel engine alternative if they are used for heavy workloads and high mileage.

Lastly, gas engines produce way less noise than a diesel engine. They run a lot more quietly than your standard diesel engine, therefore reducing noise pollution. 

Houston Fleet Management – Insight and Options

To determine the best choice for your business needs, connect with the Houston fleet management experts at Glesby Marks. We can offer insight and information about our available fleet vehicles so you can make the best decision to drive your business and fleet forward.

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