Commercial Leasing Electric Vehicles for Your Business

electric vehicle with commercial lease

Commercial leasing of electric vehicles can benefit your bottom line and reduce your carbon footprint.

Today’s society is focused on sustainability, and businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and utilize climate-friendly business practices. One practice that can have a big impact is the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) for commercial fleets.

However, purchasing an entire fleet of EVs outright can be a huge upfront cost. Commercial leasing offers an affordable solution, making the transition to EVs easier for businesses of all sizes. Leasing enables you to have access to new technology without a long-term commitment. Talk to our team at Glesby Marks now to discuss a tailored solution that will meet your needs.

Benefits of Leasing Electric Vehicles

There are many benefits of leasing electric vehicles. Utilizing EVs for your fleet can result in reduced operating costs due to lower fuel and maintenance requirements versus traditional vehicles. EVs bring enhanced fleet performance to the table. Newer EV models offer impressive radius and production abilities. 

Leasing can expand these savings for your company, especially with potential EV-specific incentives. Government programs may offer tax credits, rebates, or other benefits for companies renting EVs. These programs can amplify your return on investment. 

When you switch to EVs in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint, you can enhance your brand image. Eco-friendly businesses tend to garner a lot of goodwill from customers. 

Considerations When Leasing Commercial EVs

When it comes to leasing commercial EVs for your business there are a few things that must be taken into consideration. You’ll need to assess whether the vehicle range that EVs offer will meet and exceed your operational needs.

Additionally, installing charging infrastructure on your property is essential. You may also need to consider access to public charging stations around the city if your drivers are out all day operating the vehicle around Houston.

Commercial Vehicle Leasing Options

EVs are a great option for certain companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint without a huge upfront capital investment. Leasing these vehicles is a practical and convenient option.

Leasing EVs for your business is a strategic way to adopt methods of sustainability, amplify your own fleet solutions, and drastically reduce costs. By identifying your needs and working with our team at Glesby Marks, you can easily transition to the use of EVs and enjoy their associated benefits. Contact us now.

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