Advantages of GPS Tracking for Fleet Management

A global positioning satellite (GPS) tracking system can streamline your fleet management duties by making your shipments more reliable and your trucks safer. Having GPS is like being in the vehicle with the driver. The ability to monitor each truck in your fleet cuts back on unnecessary costs and saves you money. Customers expect instant gratification these days. They want faster shipping, speedier delivery, real-time tracking data and numerous other custom options like package forwarding or holding their packages while they are out of town.

You might think that a GPS tracking system is only for big companies with massive fleets. However, scalable packages are available for small to mid-sized companies. The same benefits that large companies receive can be enjoyed by other firms regardless of size. Companies that are involved in corporate fleet leasing are convinced that using GPS has benefits that radiate across their bottom line.

A GPS system saves them money in many ways and provides their customers with conveniences they have grown to expect, such as delivery confirmation and up-to-the-minute tracking. Commercial vehicle leasing companies take advantage of the latest GPS technology because it enables the entire fleet to run with less direct day-to-day supervision. When necessary, managers have a new level of control and access to their vehicles and all the relevant data the GPS system gathers. Here are some of the best benefits that GPS tracking systems offer.

  • When drivers know that they are being monitored, they tend to drive more safely. However, if they have a breakdown or are involved in an accident, the fleet manager knows right where the vehicle is and can send a roadside assistance team to help the stranded driver.
  • In the unlikely event that a fleet vehicle is stolen or hijacked, the GPS tracking system will notice that the vehicle has deviated from its expected route. The truck’s location can be pinpointed, and the authorities can recover it quickly. Sometimes, the freight can be saved and the vehicle can be retrieved before it suffers any damage from the thieves.
  • Fleet managers can choose routes that will result in the most efficient gas usage. The GPS will also enable the manager to check to see if a driver tends to drive too fast, idles for an extended amount of time or uses the vehicle for unauthorized purposes. Monitoring drivers has an immediately noticeable effect on their driving. They know that racing the motor and idling the engine for a long while wastes quite a bit of gas.
  • A GPS system reduces operating costs in other ways. It monitors how many hours per day the driver actually drives. It analyzes the routes used by the drivers and searches for ways to make the route more efficient. If a driver goes 45 minutes off course to visit his girlfriend, the GPS system will let the fleet manager know.

Fleet managers can schedule their employees more efficiently. Plus, they can get a printout of exactly where they are, what work they are doing and how long they have been doing it. Having too many people on a task is just as bad as not having enough workers. You can also get a replacement or an extra vehicle to a job site by checking to see what trucks are in the immediate area. That is another way to save time and money.

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