A Single Card for Your Entire Fleet with NO Application Fee, NO Monthly Service Fee, NO Contract


  • A single card for your fleet.  Utilize one solution to increase visibility over your entire fleet, from cars to light-duty trucks to over-the-road rigs.
  • Nationwide acceptance at more than 320,000 fueling stations, truck stops, maintenance providers and service locations
  • No Application Fee!


  • Industry leading reporting tools. Complete level III fleet data provides line-item insight into every purchase.
  • Track, update, and manage all fleet operations and Payments. Capabilities include robust reporting tools, real-time account maintenance, controls and alerts to stay informed and in control of expenses.
  • Direct data integration. Seamless integration into your existing financial, telematics, and fleet systems.


  • Purchase Control. Robust controls including PIN, odometer, vehicle/driver ID, and customizable fuel pump prompts to reduce fraud and misuse.
  • Optimized routes and fueling. Our mobile app allows drivers to pinpoint the most efficient fueling locations with real-time information on current prices and available routes.
  • No Monthly Card Fee for Fleets
    Over 20!