Custom GPS Solution
Save on fuel costs, improve driver safety and more!


  • Vehicle Location & History.  View all stops in order, routes taken and vehicle speeds. Know idling time.
  • Geofences . Set custom boundry lines and get alerts when trucks leave or enter the area.
  • Alerts. Be notified of: Excessive Speeding, Rapid Acceleration, Harsh Left/Right, Harsh Breaking


  • Streamlined Maintenance. Receive maintenance reminders and alerts. Keep maintenance schedules and service records on track. Receive live vehicle diagnostic data such as an engine light turning or low battery level.
  • Live Tracking. Quickly locate a stolen or missing vehicle on your map, then let law enforcement know its location.


  • Custom Reports. Alerts, Driver Behavior, POI (Point of Interest), Security, Trackign, Fleet.
  • Award Winning Platform. Very easy to use portal keeps you in control of managing your vehicles and drivers.